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Eagle Radio WZYX On today's "NEWSbeat"
The Pentagon is asking civilians to stop guarding military facilities...Senator Janice Bowling is conducting listening meetings this week across her district...A traffic light violation turns into a high speed pursuit...Early voting is in progress this week at the election commission on Dinah Shore Boulevard in Winchester..Early voting runs through Saturday, August 1st..Election Day for your municipal elections will be Thursday, August 6th at your local precinct...A unique opportunity is available for a youth, age 5 to 18, to submit a grant to make a difference in his or her community...RockTenn in Tullahoma will be closing its doors September 11th, leaving fifty paper and packaging employees looking for work...Evenflo has developed a car seat aimed at preventing hot-car deaths...Afternoon heat index readings today and tomorrow will reach 105 degrees...Take breaks..Drink plenty of water..Use the appropriate sunscreen..Watch for your neighbors, especially elderly neighbors..Make sure they have a reliable way to stay cool and hydrated...Stay safe and cool..Drive distraction-FREE..and..Thanks for listening to Eagle Radio WZYX!


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